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Custom Desktop Software Development

Desktop Software Development Services

Webtastic develops desktop utilities and custom software applications.

  • Business Automation Tools
  • Data Processing
  • Smart Card Solution
  • Plug-ins
  • Utilities


Custom software solutions developed by Webtastic satisfy our your functional requirements and cut total costs for system implementation, rollout and support.
  • Elegant and convenient user interface shortens learning curve
  • Fast data access increases productivity
  • Software scalability decreases maintenance cost
  • Project cost is cut down by use of standard software components

Featured Case Study


Business need:

Software product for appointment scheduling and tracking of aircraft.


Automates daily tracking and scheduling of over 500 hundred aircraft from take-off to touchdown.


  • Flexible functionality
  • Reduced expense
  • Data safety


Software Development Expertise

Our extensive expertise in desktop application development ensures that in each project we select optimum technologies for each customer�s needs.

Programming Technologies
  • .NET Development
  • Java Development
  • C++ Development

  • Smart Client - helps to avoid downtime due to network inaccessibility by processing data locally on client�s computer. Auto-update function reduces time and efforts of your IT staff for desktop software updates.
  • Smart Document - reduces training time and development cost by integrating familiar applications - primarily MS Office - into the user interface.


Desktop Software Development Experience

Business Application Software Software Utilities
Standalone Applications

Appointment Scheduling - a software product providing rich capabilities to administer clients� appointments.


CD Burning - a highly secure desktop application allows distributors to burn and sell personalized music.

Collaborative Network Software

Extension Control - Java smart client application in the office phone system.

Multi-tier Web, Desktop and Mobile

Golf Training Manager - a custom software that allows the managing of a network of kiosks at golf clubs, and provides swing analyses on desktop and over the Internet.

Data Processing

X-Ray Image Refinement - desktop utility for medical software.

Statistical Data Averaging - desktop utility for researchers.

Smart Card Solutions

Smart Card Logon - authentication utility in custom Internet Café Management software.

Security Software

Anti-Spyware - a spy-ware detector, tracker and remover.

Computer Activity Monitoring - desktop utility for custom Internet Cafe Management software.


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We have been working with webtastic for the past three years on multiple projects. The level of expertise and professionalism is unsurpassed. Webtastic, not only understands technology but understand the entire business development model.


Larry Flint