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Software Support and Maintenance Service

Service Value

After an application is developed, it becomes an essential part of your business. It is vital that the software system be efficiently maintained and problems quickly resolved. The applications must remain functional and ready to address new opportunities and business needs.

Webtastic provides professional support and maintenance for our customers:

  • The Cost-effectiveness of software support and maintenance is achieved through Webtastics professional services from the developer of the application during its entire life cycle. Webtastic knows and understands the importance of support and maintenance which is the key to value.
  • Planned software evolution ensures aggressive growth of your business. Performed support and maintenance procedures give us valuable knowledge for predicting any necessary software evolution. System monitoring indicates an increase in software operations. User support reveals the opportunity of functionality extension. Based on this knowledge, our customer’s priorities, and estimated return from the modifications, we are able to recommend a strategy of software evolution.

Software Support

Software support includes warranty, development resource availability, and user support.

  • The warranty addresses client concerns about the delivered quality and reduces the learning curve for users. The warranty covers:
    • User support to an extent specified in the software development agreement
    • Free elimination of defects
  • Development resource availability
  • User support
  • Application Support

Software Maintenance

Minimizing Software down-time is the main purpose of software maintenance. Webtastic software solutions maintain average availability of 99.8%. This translates to no more than 17.5 hours downtime per year.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Regular maintenance procedures expense are decreased through:

  • Our experience in up to date programming technologies and products
  • Knowledge of existing software solutions
  • Recommendations for software improvement, including calculations of upgrade costs and outcome
  • Selection of the most effective software monitoring tools for the current software solution
  • Optimization of maintenance methods for the specific software solution

Software Maintenance Procedures

Critical maintenance procedures and maintenance terms are defined according to system architecture and system availability requirements:

  • Environment configuration
  • Software solution deployment
  • Backup configuration
  • Software system monitoring
    • Daily: software system status
    • Weekly: backup status check and analysis of software logs and resource usage trends
    • Monthly: critical security patches and upgrades
  • Resolution of issues

Webtastic provides our customers with full-cycle services from analysis and development to support and maintenance. We assume complete responsibility for the developed software solution and provide reliable software infrastructure for the business of each of our customers.


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"We've been working with Webtastic for almost three years now. We've found their developers, sales staff, and management to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictability. Webtastic has really worked at understanding and meeting our needs. Best of all they understand that if we help our customers be successful then we will be successful and Webtastic will be successful. Webtastic approaches their work with a desire to build a strong long-term relationship and keep their clients happy by being results oriented. I whole heartedly recommend them."

John Clifford,